Omar Epps Talks ABC’s New Mysterious Series ‘Resurrection’

One of the more intriguing commercials aired during Sunday night’s Oscar telecast was the cryptic preview for ABC’s upcoming spring drama Resurrection. The one-hour series, which is set in the city of Arcadia, Missouri, follows the residents of a small town whose lives are forever rocked when loved ones suddenly return from the dead.

Joining the all-star cast that includes Frances Fisher, Matt Craven, Devin Kelley, Mark Hildreth, and Landon Gimenez is veteran actor Omar Epps. A featured player on the Emmy-winning FOX show House and such big screen classics as Juice (1992), Higher Learning (1995), and Love & Basketball (2000), Epps stars as immigration agent Martin Bellamy, who brings a long-presumed dead boy back to his home in Missouri after he suddenly reappears alive in China. The actor tells VIBE that Resurrection will keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

“It’s based on a book called The Return, which is a really interesting story,” Epps explains. “And that story is universal. It deals with some supernatural things, but it’s very organic. It’s not like some zombie shit [laughs].”

Epps adds that the show deals with some transformative themes.

“The one thing that binds us together as human beings more so than anything—any ethnicity or religion—is life and death,” he says. “Those are the two things we all have to experience. The Resurrection story is centered around that type of theme. I’m really excited about this project.”

Resurrection, which was developed by Plan B, the production company of Oscar-winning producer Brad Pitt (12 Years A Slave), premieres on ABC Sunday, March 9 at 9 p.m. —Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)