Oprah Personally Visits Kevin Hart’s House

As we predicted, Kevin Hart continues to prove that he will own 2014. As you know, his already released films of 2014–About Last Night and Ride Along–grossed over $180 million, he has a new post divorce life-based series–Keep it Together–in the works, and more projects to come that the OWN network CEO Oprah decided to divulge into. She recently conducted an in-depth interview at Hart’s home for a forthcoming Next Chapter episode. Staying for over 2-hours, we’re sure the actor had her in tears while she got him to open up about his impressive career and love life.

Once their visit concluded, the actor had a stan moment on Instagram. “Wow…today was unbelievable, @oprah just came to my house & interviewed me for 2hrs. She is such a amazing woman!!! Her spirit is everything that I thought it would be. I know my mom is smiling from ear to ear right now! #Blessed #GoodTimesWithGreatPeople #Wow #STayTunedForTheTelevisedInterviewInformation.”

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