Pharrell’s ‘G I R L’ Fragrance With Comme des Garcons Coming Soon

After winning a Grammy, being nominated for an Academy Award, topping the charts with his new release G I R L and gifting his now signature hat to Arby’s for a good cause, Pharrell can now scratch another thing off of his To Do list this year.

The “Happy” singer is partnering with Japanese fashion company Comme des Garcons to release a unisex, fragrance bearing the same name as his latest album, G I R L.

“This is the first time we have created a fragrance for a musician and I can think of no greater talent and no greater gentleman to have done this with,” said Adrian Joffe, CEO of Comme des Garcons Parfum SA. “It has been an honor to work with such a creative artist with a great vision which for Comme des Garcons is the most important thing.”

Pha-Real also expressed his enthusiasm on his newest collaboration.

“As one of my favorite designers once said, ‘Comme des Garcons is your favorite designers’ favorite designer…I am so honored to be working with Comme des Garcons and cherish the education that I’ve experienced in this collaboration,” he said in a statement.

The fragrance is set to hit stores in September. Now we’ll wait for Pharrell to get these other things done.