Pharrell Talks Oscars, Alicia Keys’ New Album And More With Angie Martinez

From a classic performance at the Academy Awards to dropping a brand new album G I R L, it’s very clear Pharrell has been on a happy winning streak this year.

Though the producer didn’t bag the gold for Best Original Song for Despicable Me 2’s “Happy“, Pharrell showed no sign of bitter feelings. “The experience was incredible,” he told HOT 97’s Angie Martinez.

Never one to hog the spotlight, P also spoke about Alicia Keys, who appears on G I R L, and hyped up her forthcoming LP.

“Alicia Key’s album is crazy. Harlem is going to be real proud,” he said. “I’m telling you, she’s ready to do something super next-level. It supersedes anything that is out. It’s awesome because it’s a black woman, and its a whole other level what she is doing. I was very honored to have her on my album, and we worked on a couple of records for her album.”

He was also asked about sharing his release date with longtime friend Rick Ross, who also dropped Mastermind ahead of schedule on the same day as P. “I’m happy to be on the same day as him,” Pharrell answered positively. “I love what he does. And although music is changing, it’s awesome to see him reinvent himself.”

Check out the full interview below.