Pharrell Reveals the Simple Secret to His Youthful Skin


No, he’s not Benjamin Button, but Pharrell Williams does hold the key to flawless skin–and it’s not as hard (or expensive) as you think. The Oscar nominee recently stopped by Hot 97’s Angie Martinez Show where he dished on his daily skin regimen.

“[My secret is] Washing my face, paying attention to it. I mean little small stuff. Naomi Campbell taught me a couple of tricks back in the day. Washing my face with cold water to keep pores closed, little small stuff. You just gotta wash your face. I use Cetaphil.”

That’s right–even multi-talented entertainers like Skateboard P are customers at your local drug store/pharmacy. He also credits those good ol’ family genes for his boyish face.

“People say my parents look pretty young too, and I can comfortably say that about them too. Listen guys, you’ve just got to wash your face. Once a day. I don’t use creams or toners!”

Cetaphil and cold water–doesn’t get much easier than that, Vixens!

Photo Credit: Getty Images