Pharrell Talks Will.i.Am Lawsuit & Competing with Jay Z

While Pharrell’s latest album, G I R L, and smash single “Happy” continue to top charts worldwide, everyone’s favorite producer recently lounged with The Guardian to discuss the evolution of his music career and address other funny business matters, including the “Blurred Lines” controversy, his past lawsuit with Will.i.Am and competing with friend/frequent collaborator Jay Z. Peep the highlights below.

On using the ‘I Am Other’ trademark and similarities to Will.i.Am:
“I never knew that I couldn’t [use the trademark] … I don’t know who he’s in dispute with. Listen: we do not use the same language. We’re not anything alike … But here’s the thing. That which makes us different is what makes us special. So God bless him.”

On why he couldn’t write “Happy” a decade ago:
“Because the word ‘sweat’ would have been in there, and ‘booty’. All those words would have been in there.”

On Jay Z’s strengths:
“Jay was never going to race with any of us. That was just my delusion. Because his career runs laps round people. And he runs laps round people, lyrically. He’s a philosopher and a poet.”

Read the whole interview here.