Pluto.TV Launches With Nas-Curated Hip-Hop Videos

Pluto.TV is a whole new way to watch online content. It’s kinda the future. The site is a curated network of the best web videos, with an easy to use interface much like the one you’ll find on your cable box at home. But, with Pluto.TV, it’s all free.

Pluto.TV launched today with nearly 100 channels. The channels range from Ted talks to extreme sports to standup comedy to cats. At 8PM EST and PST — yes, the network is synced on both coasts — will debut its Primetime on Pluto, where guest curators come in and takeover 30-minute segments of programming. For its debut, Nas will takeover Pluto.TV’s “Hip Hop (Channel 106)” where he will play his all-time favorite music videos.

VIBE sat down with Pluto.TV co-founder Ilya Pozin to get the inside scoop on his new vision for watching TV. “On the Internet, if you have an idea of what you like, there are a lot of great resources. YouTube is a great outlet,” explains Pozin. “We have organization and an army that finds content and organizes it into these channels.”

Pluto.TV is also available everywhere. “We’re gonna be available in the app store, on Android and IOS,” says Pozin. “It’s gonna be available on your tablet and smartphone. You can browse Pluto.TV on the Internet, or browse on you TV.” Like we said it’s kinda the future.

Check it out here: Pluto.TV.