Q&A: Jason Geter Talks Striver’s Row Spring/Summer Collection

At the height of the Harlem Renaissance, the Striver’s Row served as a community of distinction for progressive Black professionals. This story led Jason Geter to team up with designer Emmett Harrell to create a menswear line of the same name. Employing a rich and inspiring background, Geter — who also serves as T.I.’s manager — spoke with VIBE about the aim of his Striver’s Row brand, and the kind of consumer it appeals to.

VIBE: How do you find the time for a clothing line? You’re such a busy man.
Geter: [laughs] i mean you know how it goes. Once you find something you love doing, it’s not work, right?

True. The brand is heavily influenced by the history of Striver’s Row in Harlem during the Renaissance. What part of that story really stuck out to what you wanted to do with the clothing line?
When I heard [the story], it was just something that was really aspirational during that time in the world. There was this community of like-minded people that were all just at a progressive way of life with a progressive mentality. To me, I just felt the space of community. Not necessarily fashion, but just the space of community. A lot of people of course know about the neighborhood, a lot of people don’t know about the neighborhood. I just thought it was a nice backstory and a nice meaningful story for a brand.