Reporter Awkwardly Asks Mindy Kaling What ‘Color’ Guys She Likes


This Sunday (Mar. 3), while our eyes were set on the Oscars red carpet, Mindy Kaling was squirming her way out of a very awkward interview. The Mindy Project actress, who attended Vanity Fair’s annual Oscar party, was being interviewed by E!‘s Alicia Quarles when things took a very strange turn.

“Who’s your type?,” asked the reporter, to which Mindy responded, “Who’s my type? Good looking.”

“Okay, so any color?”

“Yeah,” the former Office thespian hesistantly answered.

It would’ve been great if the interview ended there, but their exchange continued to be uncomfortable when Quarles told Kaling to “kiss a black man on the show.”

Many are calling out Quarles for putting the spotlight on Kaling’s race and gender status instead of talking about her many accomplishments, including writing and starring in her own primetime series.

Vixens, was this interview as awkward as it sounds or are we overreacting?

Photo Credit: Getty Images