Recap: The 7 Best Quotes From Last Night’s ‘Scandal’

Scandal Season 3, Episode 13 “No Sun on the Horizon” Dub this episode “Confusion,” because every convoluted scene makes about as much sense as a Young Thug verse. Olivia shows up to her fake boyfriend’s house (hi, Jake), where they pretend to be normal, Sally is literally having a psychotic break under the weight of her guilty conscience, and Cyrus is unraveling at the reality that things, specifically his husband James, are about the same as Rihanna’s hair from month to month. All the posturing and make-believe in the world can’t keep Liv from loving Fitz, won’t bring Quinn back to the Gladiators, won’t stop a Secret Service hit against Sally, and certainly won’t stop Jake from shooting either Rosen or James. (#WhoGotShot). At this point, everyone stands in the dark. “Yum, yum, crispy piggy! Yum, yum!” -Sally Langston While Sally’s religious rants and constant spewing of scriptures aren’t supposed to be hilarious, they are stitch-splitting moments. This bacon bit is one of her best. “I want to walk into the light and feel the sun on my face, Cyrus.” -Liv No amount of white hats can shield Liv from the dark shade. Now that she’s sure Cyrus covered up Sally’s murder of her husband Daniel Douglas, she now has to make sure the lid stays on… all while keeping more secrets from Fitz. “Grant has upset the balance of power, a Langston victory is the only way to restore it.” -Rowan Pope Keeping his promise to bring down Fitz and his administration, here we learn that Papa Pope is endorsing Sally’s run for President. “Run away with me Liv to save me.” -Jake It’s all fairytales and complicated emotions at the house that Mellie-orchestrated publicity stunts built. Olivia and Jake enjoy an impromptu date night in an attempt to be “normal.” But in a sliver of vulnerability, they admit they both want out of everything.

“You’re a mouse, Cyrus. A mouse on a wheel, thinking, truly believing that if I just run a little bit faster I’ll finally get to the cheese. You’re small. And while I’d love to explain to you how the world really works, I don’t have the time. And you won’t understand.” – Jake Certainly the climax of the episode – not the last 30 seconds we were all baited into believing would be the highlight – this scene is where Cyrus and Jake both come to terms with their newfound roles. Cyrus tries to order Jake to kill Sally Langston, who’s poised to confess her sins to the world during the first Presidential debate, whereas Jake finally asserts his newfound power. Just as Rowan always suggested, there’s unimaginable levels to the B613 ish. “Olivia Pope, the devil at my doorstep. My last temptation… You are not a woman of God; I don’t condemn you for that. You just cannot understand that without Him, without the sign of His love, I am worse than dead.” -Sally Langston So. Many. Gems! Sally’s spiraling, scripture-ridden rants are the makings of TV gold. But in her conversation with Olivia, Sally gathers her loose marbles to make even Liv understand her convictions. “We also said no more lying. Maybe you didn’t realize what that means, how dirty and dark it is behind the curtain of power, the level of sins and sacrifices committed in your name.” -Liv Reality finally sets in for everyone, especially Fitz. Like Liv says: “Let’s stop pretending.”