Shooting Erupts At CIAA Party Hosted By Diddy, Future And Fabolous

There was a string of violence that erupted at this year’s CIAA events in Charlotte and Atlanta.

According to the CharlotteObserver, two men were shot in the leg early Sunday during a party that featured Diddy, Future and Fabolous. Though it wasn’t an official CIAA sanctioned tournament, the after-party was in celebration of the prestigious event.

Police confirm that the shooting happened at about 2 a.m. in a ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel in Charlotte. Guests swarmed into the street after the shots rang off. A spokesperson, CIAA Tournament Commissioner Jacqie Carpenter declined to comment on the incident because it was not a CIAA-sanctioned event.

“[It] wasn’t a CIAA-sponsored event, but it was one of the many party venues,” said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Capt. Todd Lontz said the hotel party where the shooting occurred

Atlanta Police have also confirmed another shooting in Atlanta after another CIAA afterparty.

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