Soulja Boy Talks Recording ‘We Made It,’ Shooting Video With Drake

When Drake exclaims “We made it!” on his anthemic collaboration with Soulja Boy, he’s not telling the entire truth.

“We Made It” was originally a Soulja Boy song that appeared on his November mixtape, The King. In an interview with XXL, Soulja recalls first hearing the Purpdogg-produced beat.

“When I first heard the record, I sat down,” the 23-year-old rapper remembers. “I was looking down and I heard the beat. And I was like, ‘Nigga, we made it! Nigga, we made it!’ They was like, ‘Bruh, that’s crazy Soulja. This shit crazy.’”

Once he released the song onto the Internet, Drake couldn’t help himself but to jump on the track.

“Drake called me the next day,” he says, before reenacting their conversation. “’Soulja, bruh, what the fuck? This shit crazy.’ I’m like, ‘Alright.’ He like, ‘Man, we got one.’ I’m like, ‘Let’s do it.’ And the next day we just getting it in.”

Since, the Drake and Soulja Boy record has become everyone’s favorite 1 a.m. club chant. It’s got even bigger than SB Tell’Em ever expected.

“We shake the industry up. That’s what we do, man,” Soulja Boy says, adding that there are already plans to shoot a video for the record. “The treatment is crazy. It’s coming for sure. People are going to like it, man. I’m just turning up.”

Soulja Boy isn’t slowing down; yesterday, the ATL rep dropped a new mixtape, King Soulja 2. It features the Drake-remixed “We Made It. —John Kennedy