Source Reveals Whether Kanye West is Too Controlling of Kim Kardashian


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Rumors have been swirling that Kanye West and Kris Jenner are butting heads because she feels he’s too controlling of Kim Kardashian.  Since she’s been with Kanye, there have been drastic changes in her appearance and added privacy to her life.

However, a source close to the couple reached out to to put those rumors to rest. They reveal Kanye is trying to mold her into a more respected celebrity. “He’s trying to help her become more of a serious, A-List star who’s given opportunities that she currently can’t get, like Vogue and a star on the [Hollywood] Walk Of Fame,”  the source tells the website. “He wants her to take her celebrity and relevancy to the next level and make her become legendary all over the world,” the source continues. “It’s his dream to be known world wide, and that he and Kim are both equally appreciated and respected for their talents.”

The source also claims the constant feud rumors between the momanger and her future son-in-law are false as well. “He’s not trying to come between anyone [and] there’s enough money to go around for everyone, he just doesn’t want Kim to reach her plateau and fizzle out. He always explained to her, especially after she gave birth to North West, to stay hidden. That way, there would be much more interest and demand for her to be seen.”

While Kanye’s popularity varies daily between most hated to most appreciated, his fianceé is working a different image lately and we aren’t complaining. We hope for the sake of her “interesting” career, following West’s advice will advance her in the direction she wants.

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Photo Credits: Getty Images/Instagram