Spahh Day: Antonique Smith Talks ‘Hold Up Wait A Minute’ and Church with Denzel Washington

Spahh Day: Antonique Smith

The first time I witnessed Antonique Smith’s enormous talent was on the Great White Way in Jonathan Larson’s Rent. Not only did the rock opera define a generation of dreamers, it was also Broadway’s hottest commodity and this New Jersey native was a part of it. Halfway through my viewing experience , a raven haired Antonique belted and danced her way down a fictional fire escape as Mimi, the show’s central female character–powerful, sexy and a preview of what to expect in the future. Years later, we’d come to know her as the blonde R&B diva–Faith Evans– in Notorious. 

Today, Antonique has yet to miss a beat. The singer/actress is finally embarking on her own musical journey with “Hold Up Wait A Minute,” a song for every woman who’s gotten less than she deserved from a man. Sassy, loud and confident, Antonique’s self-penned track is an accurate preview of what to expect from the blonde baddie in 2014.

During our Spahh Day at the Julien Farel Salon at Langham Place, Fifth Avenue in New York City, she dished on balancing acting with music, reaching a low point and her ideal man.


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Photo Credits: Stacy-Ann Ellis