Spahh Day: Antonique Smith Talks ‘Hold Up Wait A Minute’ and Church with Denzel Washington


VIBE Vixen: You’ve been on the entertainment scene for a minute now. What has the transition from music to acting and back again been like?

Antonique: Honestly, it’s been a blessing. I thought I would be singing sooner than this. When I was a teenager, it was my dream to be an artist, so acting kind of just came to me and fell in my lap. Early on I was like, “This is cool, but I want to sing.” And at some point I decided that maybe God is trying to get me through this right now. So I finally did Rent on Broadway.


Do you think playing Faith Evans in Notorious helped or hurt the transition?

Faith helped the transition. You know like Jaime Foxx playing Ray, Jennifer Lopez playing Selena, Jennifer Hudson playing Effie–when you see an actor play a singer and it’s believable, it helps them transition and it helps people see them in that light. That’s what happened to me. I always want to make sure I sang first because I thought the transition would be weird, but because I played an R&B icon, y’all got to see me act and I know I can sing. I turned that Faith love into Antonique love.


Was it your idea to keep the blonde hair after the movie wrapped?

Yea, that was actually Darryl’s idea–I told you he was a visionary. Also, a lot of the fans were like I look better as a blonde.


Are you going to keep it?

I don’t know. I’ve been playing with it for now.