Spahh Day: Antonique Smith Talks ‘Hold Up Wait A Minute’ and Church with Denzel Washington


Did you write the song?

I wrote it with my manager [Darryl Farmer] and apart from everything, he is the visionary. He is kind of the brains behind a lot of what you see of Antonique Smith.


Who’s your favorite artist at the moment?

Man, Pharrell is killing. I am so impressed with him. After all these years to still be innovative and to still be making stuff that just moves you. Like when I don’t feel good and I put “Happy” on, it makes me feel good. And so does “Get Lucky” even though it’s not my message (laughs), but it still makes you feel good. For him to just be doing stuff at such a high level at this point in his career–it’s incredible.


What’s the key to your longevity?

It’s a combination of faith and perseverance. Trying to continue to keep it fresh. Not to get comfortable with anything you’ve done. Look at Pharrell. He could’ve been like, “Man look at all the hits that I’ve done.” Even Meryl Streep says she still studies and she’s like the best actress ever. If you never get comfortable and you always feel like you have to be better than you were yesterday, then that’s what keeps you going. That’s what keeps you here. Like, look at Beyoncé– she’s like “I don’t know what y’all are doing, but…”