Spahh Day: Antonique Smith Talks ‘Hold Up Wait A Minute’ and Church with Denzel Washington


What or who inspires you to keep going on a daily basis?

My family. I have a special needs sister—she’s like my whole heart. I love her so much. Her name is Antonia. And my parents–they’ve sacrificed a lot. They support me and my whole career.


Do you think you’ve reached a low point yet?

In life?—yea, absolutely. Look at Philip Seymour Hoffman–you can reach a low point at your high point. When Notorious came out, a month later– my grandfather died. So I reached my highest high and a month later, I was brought down to my lowest low of my life. You can have your highest high and lowest low at the very same time because what you show the public or what’s going on in front of everybody isn’t necessarily what’s going on inside. But that’s when you got to pray, that’s when you have to be with the family, talking to people and keeping people around you that are going to lift you up and encourage you. Sometimes you have “yes men” around you. They make you feel good. That’s why people have them. Just saying “you’re amazing, girl,” just saying that all day. But you also need to have somebody that’s there to be real with you and say, “Yes, you are amazing, but this you need to work on” and that’s how you stay grounded.