Starbucks To Serve Beer And Wine For ‘Starbucks Evenings’

Colossal coffee shop chain Starbucks is looking to add some turn-up to its nighttime rush by enacting a new wave of beer and wine sales. Dubbed “Starbucks Evenings,” chains in the Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Portland and Seattle areas will begin selling alcoholic beverages after 4 p.m. A new evening menu will also include an appetizer and dessert menu, including chicken skewers, macaroni and cheese and chocolate fondue. Wines and beers will vary based on location.

According Starbucks’ website, “Starbucks Evenings” is an effort to substitute a loud bar for a more intimate happy hour meet-up.

“We’ve always been your neighborhood spot where you can take a moment to unwind, grab a well-deserved treat, and meet up with friends,” the site reads. “But sometimes, you just want a glass of wine and a delicious bite to eat without going to a bar or making a restaurant reservation.”

And while “Starbucks Evenings” includes new items for purchase, the barista setup will remain intact. The chain’s regular coffee and tea menus will also still be available to order. And in case you were wondering if you could get that glass of wine with you lunch or have a cold brew with your breakfast, the answer is no. Starbucks will make the alcoholic beverages available after 4 p.m. only.

No word on whether “Starbucks Evenings” will expand to other areas, but if all goes well it would be safe to assume so.