Target Under Fire for Horrifying ‘Thigh Gap’ Photoshop Fail

Target photoshop fail

Vixens, can you guess what’s wrong with the above photo? That’s right–this poor model’s vagina was literally erased by Photoshop–and that’s just the beginning. Discount giant Target has a lot of explaining to do since publishing this major fail to the Junior’s Bikini section of their website. Not only did someone attempt to create a thigh gap on this model; they also gave her disporportioned and overly skinny arms and waist. We’re just happy this girl’s face isn’t visible (for her own protection).

Fortunately, a Target rep recently told Buzzfeed that the above photo has since been removed from their website.

“This was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. We have removed the image from our website.”

Vixens, please know that the measure of a woman’s beauty and worth is not defined by the amount of space between her thighs or circumference of her upper arms. We are so much more than that and must continue to point out horrible snafus like this to get the point across.

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