Twitter Discontinues #Music App

Twitter Music announced last Friday (Mar. 21) that it would be shutting down its #Music app, removing it from the App Store. The year-old application, launched in an effort to use tweets to discover new music with the help of YouTube, Spotify and iTunes. Twitter Music also informed current users of the application that it would only continue to work until April 18.

SEE ALSO: My First-World Crisis: Choosing Between Spotify And Beats Music The Twitter #Music app was the social network’s attempt to use real-time data to suggest music to its users through Twitter trending topics and software developed to discover new artist through Web trends. It was eventually out-shined by leading music apps, falling on the download charts. Twitter Music did however, assure its followers that they had not given up on the goal, and are still hard at work on creating ways to discover music on the popular social site.

Twitter Music did not disclose any further details on what’s next.