Vanessa Hudgens Channels Her Inner Beyonce For ‘Vonce’ [Video]

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is channeling her inner “Yonce” for a dance video inspired by the first half of Beyonce’s song “Partition.”

Choreographed by Michelle Jersey Maniscalco, Hudgens –also known as her alter ego “Vonce”– is joined by four of her friends as they shake more than their mother’s gave and twerk something fierce (Miley should take notes). In full attire with hair and makeup, she also posted a group shot on her Instagram.

“Dancin our hearts out and our knees off. HA [email protected] @chelccorp @noreenthemachinethanks to @jerseyluv7  and @beyonce #partition #webekillinit,”  before releasing the video.

We’re not asking Bey to move over, but it’s time to make room. Press play to watch the full video and let us know if she’s good enough to audition for the Mrs. Carter dance camp.


Photo Credit: Instagram