Vixen Chat: Ashanti Talks ‘Braveheart’ and Her Top 5’s

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - March 4, 2014

While fans, haters and critics try and dissect Ashanti, she’s creating an empire.  The multi talented singer-whose debut was over a decade ago- continues to create chart topping hits and songs that speak volumes to our personal lives. Today, the former princess of Murda Inc. is reintroducing herself as a Braveheart. 

From tabloid headliners and romance rumors , the talked about singer is telling her story through new records. “I feel like the album tells a complete story from top to bottom, for everyone that has questions about ‘who is she talking about, what happened to this, or who did that’ [I’m answering it all].” While others thought it was lights out for her career, she was perfecting both crafts, singing and acting. “My last project I teamed up with Lifetime and did the Christmas movie and Christmas EP so we’re planning on doing something dope this year—a lot of people don’t know TV is where the money is. Television is definitely a niche.”

On a press-filled day of interviews and makeup retouches, we met up with the record holding singer to do just that– talk some more. Questions aside, we got to learn about the singer, her familyand her faults. In an eye opening discussion, she revealed all of her favorite 5’s and a juicy—food-wise—secret about her.

Check out our chat on the next page and be sure to purchase Braveheart today!

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