Vixen Chat: Ashanti Talks ‘Braveheart’ and Her Top 5’s

Ashanti Braveheart album cover

5 people you want to collab with? Dead or alive:

  1. The Weeknd
  2. Bruno Mars
  3. Miguel
  4. Lorde
  5. Blue Magic—they’re an old group from back in the day. I got a lot of inspiration from them, song writing and melodies. I want to do a Christmas Album with them.

5 fashion items you can’t live without:

  1. Ripped Jeans
  2. Oversized Tee
  3. Jordans
  4. A black dress
  5. Pumps

5 dating tips:

  1. Don’t kiss on the first date—if you do kiss on the first date– no tongue.
  2. Don’t have super high expectations.
  3. Be yourself (don’t try to put on for your city [laughs]).
  4. Go to an atmosphere that is comfortable somewhere that is not to stuffy, bowling, dinner, or movies.
  5. Don’t talk with stinky breathe–you have to have some Altoids or something.

5 tips for getting over a breakup:

  1. Get that ass to the gym [laughs].
  2. Spend a lot of time with your friends. Don’t stay in the house thinking about it
  3. Play Ashanti and Braveheart—that will help you get you through it.
  4. Stay focused on you and winning. success is the sweetest revenge.
  5. [If you’re trying to break things off] Be honest and sensitive when you try to break up with them. You don’t want to rip their heart out and mess with their self-esteem.

5 most played songs on your IPOD

  1. “Love Games” off Braveheart featuring Jeremih
  2. First Real Love”
  3. Asap Ferg- “Work”
  4. Juicy J- “Bandz”
  5. Chris Brown & Sevyn- “It Won’t Stop”
  6. Beyonce- “Drunk in Love”

5 roles you would like to play in or actors you want to work with.

I like any action films and romantic comedies–a Bonnie & Clyde type of role.  A comedy film, I want to work with Robert Deniro or Al Pacino; I love action type movies.