Vixen Chat: Basketball Wives: LA’s Brandi Maxiell Dishes on Meeting Her Husband and Beating Cancer


How was it adjusting to LA life as a southern girl?

LA is really busy and traffic is super annoying. Besides that, it is a fun place to be. There are nice restaurants, different places to shop and a lot places to  just chill and have a  great time . Change isn’t bad for me–I am used to it.

Who is your favorite castmate?

Definitely Malaysia-that is my girl! She is a very sweet, down to earth and all around great person.

I like Draya too; you have to watch to see how our relationship turns out. I hate how people try to bring her down. I find that unacceptable; who you are is who you are and she owns it. Draya is moving past her past… She has her own business, she’s a mom and she has a man.

Who is your least favorite?

Let’s just say Malaysia is my favorite (laughs).