Vixen Chat: Basketball Wives: LA’s Brandi Maxiell Dishes on Meeting Her Husband and Beating Cancer



What can we expect/ learn from you this season?

You will learn that I can’t expect everyone to like me. I tried to get to know these women, but they made it very difficult by pre-judging and being confrontational for no real reason. It’s as though they had ulterior motives or a pre-set agenda to be not so nice, judgmental and ugly in order to shine. It’s very disappointing, but that’s television for you and all company isn’t good company.

What other ventures are you getting into?

Currently, I’m the owner of Midway Salon and Suites in Carrollton, Texas. The business is thriving; I love fashion and beauty and I plan to start a beauty and hair line. I have been a salon owner for several years now. I also want to give back and start my own ovarian cancer foundation and take advantage of this national platform in order to help women like myself. When I had my chemo treatments, I lost all of my hair (even eyelashes)–going through that made me very insecure and I didn’t feel beautiful. My job is to make women who are going through what I went through feel beautiful and also to help find a cure for this silent killer.