Vixen Chat: Carmen Electra Calls Prince the ‘Willy Wonka of Music’ & Shares the Key to Confidence

Carmen Electra- FHM cover

If a tangible fountain of youth actually exists, Carmen Electra has to know where it is. At 41 years old, she’s not only somehow curved the aging process, but continued to blaze new trails in a 20+ year career in entertainment. In addition to becoming FHM’s “oldest” cover star (see: above), Lady C has also catapulted herself back to the top of the dance charts with new music, including the hit single “Werq.”

Armed with the stage presence of an old pro, undeniable sex appeal and years of support from “The Artist Formerly Known As…,” fans will finally see that Carmen’s talent is more than skin deep.

Keep reading to see what it’s really like working alongside Prince and tips for owning your confidence.

Photo Credit: FHM