Vixen Chat: Carmen Electra Calls Prince the ‘Willy Wonka of Music’ & Shares the Key to Confidence

Carmen Electra

VIBE Vixen: What made you want to jump back into music?

Carmen: Well, I never really wanted to stop doing it. I felt really blessed early on in my career to have met Prince and to audition for a girl group he was putting together. I remember receiving a call from him saying, “I think you should try to do your own thing and I want to help you.”  It felt like a dream.  I was thinking, “Is this really happening?” and next thing you know, I was living in Minneapolis at Paisley Park Studios everyday and that to me was sort of like the Willy Wonka of music. There’s studios, there’s musicians, wardrobe departments so clothes are being made for shows and just everything you can imagine in that world. It was a magical time and I think in the beginning, having somebody like Prince believe in me really helped give me a little bit more self-confidence because I really am more of a shy, insecure kind of person.


Did you catch Prince on New Girl?

I did! It was so good. It was amazing, Oh, my God. I heard he had a lot of input ,too and I could tell.


I agree. He obviously comes off as a very serious person, but he was surprisingly hilarious.

I think that that’s one thing about this business you learn; that people might see you in a video or see you during a photo shoot or in a picture where you look a certain way, but unless you do a lot of interviews or really show your personality, you know people would never know what a silly side he has to him.  It was brilliant.