Vixen Exclusive: D. Woods on ‘Blackbird,’ Redefining Ratchet and Reuniting with Danity Kane

When does the film premiere?

The world premiere was at the Pan- African Film Festival and it will also be shown at the opening of the OutFest in LA on March 14th. Right now the movie is working festival circuits and in negotiation for distribution so stay tuned. Follow @blackbird on Twitter and Facebook so you can see local screenings.

What is the update on your solo music?

Right now, everyone can go to ITunes and get the new single “Goldmine.” This year, it was in several categories on the Grammys ballot of nominations and I am very proud of that. I’m just pushing out my brand of music and who D. Woods is and that is what the color series is all about. Volume One- I like to call red ratchet volume (laughs).