Vixen Exclusive: D. Woods on ‘Blackbird,’ Redefining Ratchet and Reuniting with Danity Kane

D. Woods

What is your definition of ratchet?

I feel like there are different degrees of ratchetness. I think of ratchet as living out loud and unapologetic. If you know how to control yourself and you know how to have fun …there is a time and place for everything.  That is the degree of ratchet I am showing.

Who are your favorite ratchet celebrities when applied to the definition you just gave?

On the male side, I love 2 Chainz. I turn up so much to his music. He just says whatever he wants to say and it is just fun feel good music, but at the same time he is clever in his rhymes. He looks like he is really enjoying his career. On the female side, a lot of people wouldn’t see her as ratchet but applied to my definition–Erykah Badu.

We are obsessed with your flat stomach! What tips can you offer Vixens trying to achieve washboard abs?

The one thing people do immediately to get a flat stomach is to get on the floor and do a million crunches. But if you have a bunch of fat on you and you are doing crunches, you are going to bulge out more.  You have to have a good cardio routine and combine it with an ab exercise.  You will burn the fat, lean out and your muscles are going to tone up.

Also, dance has been a part of my life since I could walk and holding your core is a part of dance.  That is my favorite form of exercise because it does not feel like exercise–it’s actually fun.  You have to drink a lot of water and eat everything in moderation. People always say don’t eat carbs, but you need carbs to help burn off fat. I definitely never condone starving yourself because you got to put gas in the tank to make the car go.