Vixen Exclusive: D. Woods on ‘Blackbird,’ Redefining Ratchet and Reuniting with Danity Kane

Danity Kane

There have been tons of back and forth about your involvement in the Danity Kane reunion. What is the real story behind all of the drama?

Well immediately after the group was disbanded on TV, I had to keep it moving. I’ve been a part of large ensemble. I’ve been a part of smaller groups and I have done performances by myself. I look at it as, thanks for the opportunity– it was great and on to the next.  No hard feelings to anybody; it was just the end of this part of the journey.  If it is meant to come back together, it will.  I’m not going to sit at home and wait for you to call me. There are a lot of things that I am involved in. Being that I am involved in all that, if you just up and pop up and say, “Oh we’re doing a reunion;” this has to make sense.  What is the plan? What’s the budget?  Who’s the leader? What is management like?  None of those things was presented to me. I was like, “Okay, if you guys are ready to tell me what you got going on, I will be there.”  But, I never got that.  I think it was spun out of context.

Was there any truth of you guys arguing?

On my end, I don’t argue with people (laughs). There were things that they said in the media that were very distasteful and hurtful. I don’t know why you would say something like that. You have my number if you have a problem with me.  I don’t understand the shade and throwing me under the bus or depicting me as the villain.  But, I am a businesswoman, and I do take my career seriously. But, I just wish them well.