Vixen Vent: Hip Hop is Officially Dead

I think it’s safe to say that hip hop is officially dead. Although Macklemore appeared to have made a sincere gesture by openly admitting that he did not deserve his ‘”Best Rap Song” Grammy, it seems the spotlight is still on him as ‘Thrift Stop” was recently named as one of Billboard’s best rap songs of all time. Of all time? Really?

Hip hop is not what it used to be and it’s quite apparent to true MC’s. Nas told us that hip hop was dead in ’06 and Common hasn’t loved her since ’94. Today, hip hop’s messages seem to revolve around reality TV, fashion and chart rankings based on a system that doesn’t embody the culture.

I blame the music critics that are “qualified” to grade music they probably don’t listen to. Sure, Macklemore deserves the credit for working hard, selling out concerts and selling millions of albums, but to me–labeling his breakthrough hit as the best rap song of all time is downright disrespectful and demeaning. He’s rated atop hip hop legends like Craig Mack, Biggie Smalls and Tupac—not to mention artists like Big L, Nas and the Wu Tang Clan that rarely made or make an impact on the Hot 100.

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