Vixen Virginity: The Game’s Katlynn Simone Tells Us Her Firsts

Katlynn Simone
The first time you were fired.

I have never been fired from a real job. I guess because at about 13, my parents started paying me allowance for chores and for watching my little sister for small periods of time. The first time I messed up they did not pay me. They told me that’s how it is in the real world. You don’t do the work, you don’t get paid. I never had to be told again. #SomeThingsJustStick

Your first fan moment.

A young man covered my song “Beautiful Lie” just because he was a fan and loved the song. I was so touched. It was so sweet and cool and he did a great job! #ILoveFans

Your first stan moment. 

I don’t think I have ever really had a STAN moment. The closest I have come is a group of girls contacting my representation and pretending to be the principle for an inner city performing arts school that was having a celebrity career day. They explained how they thought it would be great for Brit Brat of The Game to speak. Of course, I was willing to do so, coming from a performing arts school myself. They were very organized and convincing until the day came and it turned out to be a few girls that had made it all up just to get the chance to Skype with me. I just could not believe the effort they went through just to talk to little old me! #ItDidn’tTakeAllThat!

The first time you fell in love.

I don’t know if I have really experienced true love yet, probably not, but I sure felt like I was head over heels for a guy last year. It did not last, but it was so great at the beginning. I look forward to feeling like that again! #IsItReallyLove?

When was your first real break up?

My first real breakup was last year. I was accused of being too busy for a boyfriend! Whatever that means?! I relocated to LA and I guess things just did not work out. I figured out that at my age, a relationship should not require me to neglect my work and my dreams.

Your first hair scare.

My hair is naturally very curly. When I was fourteen I did not realize how blessed I was and I decided I wanted my hair to be straight. My mom did not want a relaxer on my hair. Therefore, against her better judgement, she compromised on a texturizer which ended up making my hair half straight and half curly.It was a disaster. I had to cut off the straight part and wait for my hair to grow back. I have never put chemicals on my hair again!