Vixen Virginity: The Game’s Katlynn Simone Tells Us Her Firsts

Katlynn Simone

Your first big audition.

My first big Hollywood audition was for The Game. I had just gotten my first acting manager in California. I got word of the audition the day before and I was in Houston, TX at the time. My dad decided to take me and booked a last minute flight. My flight was delayed and I was a couple hours late for the audition. The manager told me not to go since we were so late though we had flown from Houston to Los Angeles just for this audition. We took a chance and just went! Long story short, the manager left me because I did not listen to her and I was devastated, but 2 months later I was the new Brit Brat on the show! #GodIsInCharge!

First fake rumor you heard about yourself.

I guess the first industry rumor that has circulated was that Kenny Smith, Executive Producer and writer for The Game was my uncle. Don’t I wish! I guess since we share the same last name people assumed the role was given to me as a favor from my dope uncle [laughs]. After my first season on the show this rumor was all over twitter and even on a few blogs. Truth be told, I never had the pleasure of even talking to  Mr Smith until I became a cast member.

Your first major splurge.

I guess the biggest splurge I can think of was a $100 manicure and that was by accident. I urgently went to a high end spa and got my nails done for an event at the last minute. I did not look at the prices and they kept offering me little extra treatments for my hands. At the end when they told me my total I almost fell, literally! Maybe that is not really a splurge for some people, but I grew up in a household that is very money conscience so I was like in shock! #HowMuchForJustThePinkyNail?

When was the first time you completely blanked out on set?

Oh wow, this has happened a couple times. One time I had to work with Brandy and I had to argue with her and be very disrespectful. That was just so hard for me and it threw me off for my next line because it was Brandy! I had to make myself forget how much I admire her and look up to her. Another time was with Wendy Raquel Robinson. She is so hilarious and it is hard  to keep a straight face sometimes not to mention be ready for your line. She is fiercely talented! #HumblingExperiences

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