Watch: Dame Dash Spazzes On ‘The New York Daily News’ After Court Date

Hip-hop mogul Dame Dash feels some type of way about New York newspapers. Following his recent court date stemming from a lawsuit from ex-girlfriend, Linda Williams, Dash went on a rant against reporters for being “racist” outside of a New York court house.

“Why don’t you guys ever write about the good stuff about a black man? Why? Because you’re a racist, Republican paper,” Dash said. “I know it’s killing you that Obama’s in office. I know it kills you that you went to college to write for a paper that’s not credible.”

He continued on his photo map, “Funny how pathetic the ny post and daily news writers look when asked questions…these are the nerds that dare have an opinion on what I’m doing….these squares that can only survive speaking on other people…I feel sorry for there lame life’s…I’ll give names later#thenotfuckingaroundcrew #realmenwin#tycoonshit and please don’t think I’m mad I’m just having a lil fun.”

Watch Dash spazz below.

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