Watch: Don Draper Returns In Season 7 Trailer For ‘Mad Men’

The psychedelic sixties have finally reached Don Draper and co. in this first tease at the two-part Season 7 finale. The end of Season 6 found Jon Hamm’s Don Draper purposefully wreck his marriage to his actress wife Megan and place his career at Sterling-Cooper & Partners in jeopardy after an ill-advised speech to Hershey executives. The new AMC tease offers a small hint about the maddest man’s fate, which was released last Thursday. You can see it for yourself below: Set to Wax Tailor’s Que Sera, Jon Hamm’s suited-and-booted advertising executive disembarks from a plane in the bright sunshine. It remains unclear where Don has ended up after his passionate outburst, but you can see a city skyline in the distance, hinting he could have landed in Los Angeles or even be arriving back to Manhattan after being asked to take an emergency leave of absence from his job. While the sixth season of Mad Men took place between December 1967 and November 1968, it is not yet known if the new series will begin immediately after those timeframes. Like Breaking Bad, this season of Mad Men will split its final run on AMC into two parts. Entitled “The Beginning,” the show will return to television sets on April 13, while the last seven shows — “The End Of An Era” — will be saved for next year. Props: SlashFilm