Watch: The First Teaser Trailer For ‘The Boondocks’ Season Four

Can’t wait for Huey, Riley and Granddad to return to Adult Swim? Neither can we! Fortunately, we have this 30-second teaser trailer look at Season Four of The Boondocks for your enjoyment!

Adult Swim has recently released a new look at the upcoming season of Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks. We are extremely excited for the show’s return and cannot wait to see what controversial topics the gang is going to be involved in when it arrives April 21st.

The short black-and-white trailer — outfitted with another dope beat as the backdrop — teases the fourth season of the comedy with a silhouette of preadolescent revolutionary Huey Freeman (voiced by Regina King) strolling through an abyss of wild animations. It has been quite awhile (four years, fourth season — get it?!) since the show was on the air, and originally the third season was intended to be The Boondock’s last. But it seems as if Aaron McGruder has a lot of ammunition in the chamber to serve as social commentary for the next-gen generation.

Watch for yourself below:

As we’ve experienced the deaths of Black youths (Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride), twerking Miley Cyrus, and a drone-using Black President, there’s simply no shortage of targets for the show to aim at. We cannot wait to tune in on April 21 to find out who Huey and Riley’s first victims will be.

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