Watch: Justin Bieber Gets Pissed Over Selena Gomez Questions During Deposition


Justin Bieber has been down in Miami recently, but it’s far from a party. He flew in for a five-hour deposition pertaining to a lawsuit filed by paparazzo Jeffrey Binion, who alleges that the Biebs and his bodyguards roughed him up and tried to take one of his camera’s memory cards from him.

TMZ has posted videos from the deposition, and in one, Bieber is asked by Binion’s lawyer, Mark DiCowden, about Selena Gomez. Justin looks pressed before he wags his finger while the lawyers debate the relevance of the question, and it quickly escalates until Bieber’s team requests a break. “Don’t ask me about her again,” Bieber repeats.

In another video, Bieber laughs at DiCowden and calls him Katie Couric before quickly denying that he says that. He’s asked about Scooter Braun before putting his head back and saying that it feels like a ’60 Minute interview.’

Towards the end, Bieber is asked if he knows Usher and whether or not he was instrumental in Bieber’s career. Justin agrees after looking at the camera and saying something odd, “I was found on YouTube. I think it was detrimental to my career.” —Max Weinstein.