Watch: Lil Wayne Talks Geting Shot At By Fan On ‘Kimmel’

While down in Austin for SXSW, Lil Wayne stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for a quick dose of lighthearted (and scary) anecdotes about getting shot. Discussing his most outlandish encounter with a fan, Weezy shared that an overzealous female once followed his tour bus and opened gunfire.

“I’ve been shot at by a female fan. It was after a show and she was just very persistent,” he said jokingly. “We didn’t know what she actually wanted. It was a good thing we didn’t figure it out.”

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Wayne also retold the infamous story of how he shot himself as a young teenager. Sharing that he had been watching The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” video and dancing in the mirror when the incident occurred, the rapper recounted the gory details of how he was saved by the police.

“I gathered myself and I slid on my own blood. We had wooden floors, thank God, we ain’t have no carpet,” he told Kimmel. “And I used the floors and I slid on my blood and I kicked on the door, and they heard me kick on the door.”

Watch Lil’ Wayne’s candid interview with Jimmy Kimmel in the videos above and below.