Watch: Louis C.K. Plays ‘Black Jeopardy’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Category: “Had That Been Me”
Question: “Had that been me, I’d still be hittin’ that.”
Answer: “Who is, Robin Thicke

That was one of the many hilarious queries on Saturday Night Live’s “Black Jeopardy” skit last night (Mar. 29). Starring Keenan Thompson as host Darnell Haynes (aka “Alex Treblack”) and guest Louis C.K. as an unsuspecting Afro-American Studies professor, this portion reigned as a highlight of the night. Including categories like “It’s Been A Minute,” “White People” and “Psssh!,” the skit turns the classic game show on it’s ear. Prizes for the winning contestant included a “Set It There” flat screen TV that could not be mounted on a wall.

Watch SNL’s laughable “Black Jeopardy” skit in the video above.