Watch: Schoolboy Q Talks Making An Album With A$AP Rocky & Meeting Kanye West

Schoolboy Q sat down with Bootleg Kev while on his Oxymoron tour to discuss the inspiration behind his No. 1 album as well as the prospect of collaborating with a few other notable rappers. Q shared how his daughter contributed to the making of his Oxymoron album, on which he wanted to tell the story of his early 20s.

“She inspired it. Just the stories of taking me back to what I was doing when I was doing bad,” he said. “Like when I was dealing with depression and shit, and I couldn’t take care of her. I was stealing, robbing, selling drugs, all this weird shit to take of her. But I really wasn’t still taking care of her. It was just in my mind, what I wanted to do.”

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Kev also asked Q about A$AP Rocky, who is featured on “Californication,” a bonus track on the deluxe version of the TDE rapper’s studio debut. Citing their contemporary relationship and successes, Schoolboy Q ruled out all other possible joint album options besides Lord Flacko.

“If I was to do a project with anybody, it’ll probably be Rocky,” he said. “‘Cause we came up together at the same. He got the No. 1, I got the No. 1; it would only make sense.”

Q was also probed on a Black Hippy compilation album featuring his fellow TDE spitters Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock. But he was in no rush to make any promises of that album anytime soon.

“One day we’ll link up. But I’m on tour right now. We gotta get Ab-Soul’s album out, we gotta get Jay Rock album and we gotta get Kendrick second album out. So until those albums are out, don’t expect a Black Hippy [project].”

Kev and Q touched on the rapper’s recent visit to the SXSW festival, where Q recounted his first interaction with Kanye West.

“I was just chillin’ smokin’ weed, and he just comes out of the crowd and sees me and he walks over and was telling me that he had just bought my album and he was bumpin’ it all the way in Germany. Like all the way through. He said the shit hard. He was fuckin’ with it. Then he invited me to his show.”

Watch Schoolboy Q’s full interview with Bootleg Kev in the video above.