Watch: A Sicilian Nun Sings Alicia Keys’ ‘No One’ On ‘The Voice’

The blind auditions on hit talent show series The Voice serve as the embodiment of “expect the unexpected.” When judges push a button and turn their swivel chairs, they often find that the singer looks nothing like what they pictured. The latest Voice shocker comes from the Italian version of the show, where a nun goes Sister Act 2 on Alicia Keys’ “No One” and leaves the judges stunned.

“If I had met you during the Mass when I was a child, now I would be Pope! I would surely have attended all the functions,” rapper J-Ax said of 25-year-old Sister Cristina Scuccia.

Pleading his case to the young nun to serve as her mentor, J-Ax cleverly used her holy disposition to his advantage.

“You know in music, mix works very well,” he said. “Sweet and sour, hugs and hits. Me and you are invincible, you know why? We, together, are the Devil and The Holy Water! You have to choose me. You must choose me.”

Luckily, his pitch won Sister Cristina over. Watch her shocking audition on The Voice Italy above, and remember to turn on your English captions.