Who Won Instagram This Week: Ciara’s Baby Bump, Nicki’s Boobs And More

No one vacations quite like Beyonce. And no one takes selfies like Nicki Minaj, whose boobs always play a co-starring role. Elsewhere on IG, Ciara’s baby did a little jig and Kim Kardashian looks like a mannequin. See more attention-seeking star snapshots below and vote for who won Instagram this week.

We’ll take those cupcakes, Bey.

Miley’s tongue’s got to be tired by now.

Nicki Minaj’s boobs flourished.

The gang’s all here.

Watch Ciara’s baby bump 1, 2 step.

Kim gets her face beat back stage at Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Keyshia Cole still looks good, she ain’t lost it.

50 Cent’s got that animal ambition and a spiffy suit.

Drake rocks out in London.

School’s in session.