WTF: Ariana Grande Slipped On A Puddle Of Dog Pee And Broke Three Toes

So there’s a headline I never thought I’d have to write. Ariana Grande broke three toes when she slipped on a puddle of dog pee and slammed into a wall. How do I know? Well, she texted the news to manager Scooter Braun and he kindly took a screengrab and shared it with his Instagram followers.

“Had a party last night and in front of a lot of people I slipped on a huge surprise pile of Ophelia’s [her dog] piss, slammed into a wall and broke three toes,” she informed Scooter. Unfortunately there was no video of the accident but Ari seems to have made a full recovery — jumping on LiveStream today to share a new song called “They Don’t Understand” with fans.

See the text for yourself over on Idolator

Photo Credit: Getty Images