WWMDTV Needs Your Help!

WWMD: Hey there! Let’s zoom straight to the point.

There are just NINE days left to support our Indiegogo campaign and we’re down $9,155.00 so if you’re down to donate, this is absolutely the time to collect your good karma!

It means so much to us and will mean just as much to you, when you get a

So once again this campaign is really about keeping the WWMD dream alive! In our short life span we’ve received a great deal of attention and reception. Up until this point we’ve been funding the production of this newborn baby of ours independently. However, as our baby grows — so does its expenses! And each episode adds up to about $1,000. Yep.

Please join us in making sure WWMD reaches it’s full potential! We’re looking forward to serving yall with a full helping of edutainment!

We love you like xo,

Chazeen, Guerdley, and Tracy G.