10 Great Underrated Sports Movies


Fortunately, you don’t have to be the Jordan of a sport to enjoy watching it. Instead, you can sit back in the comfort of your couch, grub on take-out and yell at the super-human monsters flexing for fans. Sports movies give us the best of both worlds—the thrill of an athletic competition combined with the perfect cinematic arc. And unlike in reality, there’s always a suspenseful climax and a satisfying conclusion.

We won’t be talking about the well-known great sports flicks here, though. You should already know that Raging Bull, Remember the Titans and White Men Can’t Jump are awesome. (And if not immediately seek them out.). Instead, we’re turning the spotlight on some of the best little-seen sports movies of all time.

These may have slipped past your attention the first go around, but they’re all much, much better than MVP: Most Valuable Primate, a film about that a hockey playing monkey that’s just as terrible as it sounds. —Dominick Grillo