War Ready: 10 People 50 Cent Has Taken Shots At In 2014


At the beginning of his career, 50 Cent used to take shots at everyone. From Ja Rule and Irv Gotti to Fat Joe and Jadakiss, the G-Unit general was ready to go to war every time he stepped into the studio or sat down for an interview. And while he hasn’t completely gone away from that approach in recent years—his long-standing beef with Rick Ross is probably never going to end—50 also hasn’t really gone out of his way to take too many shots at people. At least, not like before.

That’s all changing, though. As 50 prepares to release his new album, Animal Ambition, this summer, he’s once again back on the warpath. This year, we’ve already seen him take aim at a number of different people. We don’t know if he’s doing it simply to drum up publicity or if he genuinely dislikes the people he’s been dissing. But these are the 10 people 50 Cent has taken shots at so far this year.

Photo Credit: Getty Images