10 Reasons You May Not Be Commitment Worthy


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Cuffing season is almost over and you probably spent most of it laid up with a man who seems like he’s ready but has yet to pop the question– “will you be my girlfriend?” If this is a reoccurring cycle you’re too familiar with—the one where you date for months but never become official—you’re probably not viewed as wife material.

Good men don’t give out titles to women they don’t want a future with. A keeper sees us as an investment because we will cost him his time, money and heart. If you’re giving off signs that his interest rate won’t increase over time, he’s not plunging into those waters. Most women think they have the game figured out, but are constantly getting played. If you’ve found the man you want to settle down with, here’s 10 things you may or may not be doing that aren’t making you worthy of his commitment.

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