10 Things Clippers Fans Can Do To Protest Donald Sterling Tonight


If you’re a Los Angeles Clippers fan, we feel so incredibly bad for you. You’ve waited for years—decades even—for your team to be a true NBA title contender. And this year, they finally have a team capable of making a run deep into the NBA Playoffs and, possibly, all the way to the 2014 NBA Finals. And yet, thanks to some incredibly racist comments that Clippers owner Donald Sterling made recently, you probably can’t even decide whether or not you want to attend tonight’s Warriors/Clippers playoff game at the Staples Center.

If we could give you a quick piece of advice, it would be this: Go. Go to the Staples Center and cheer your head off for Chris Paul & Co. tonight. Because while the last thing we want to see right now is Donald Sterling hoisting a championship trophy, the Clippers players deserve your support. But while you’re there making a lot of noise for your team, you should also do something, anything, to show your disgust with Sterling. If you need an idea regarding what to do, here are 10 things Clippers fans should do to protest Donald Sterling at the Staples Center tonight.

Photo Credit: Getty Images