50 Cent On Doing A G-Unit Record: ‘I Would Do It’


50 Cent recently chopped it up in an interview with Power 99’s Cosmic Kev, where the two discussed everything from the rapper’s upcoming Animal Ambitionproject to his confrontation with Steve Stoute. When the topic of the prospect of a G-Unit reunion came up, 50 Cent said that he would do it, but only if Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo put in the work.

“If they went and wrote the records, I’d rap on the records with them. I wouldn’t not,” he said. “Now you talking about not making money. I would do it. You know that. I hustle enough in front of you that you to understand that I’m selfish enough to make the money. That would make them the money in process. They haven’t done it.”

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Sharing that he had not been in contact with his former G-Unit cohorts, Fif continued by saying that he is the one expected to do the marketing and promotion to make a reunion possible, referring to Banks and Yayo as “half-retarded.”

“Don’t ask me to go do it for them,” he said. “They asking me to go make the record for them, and bring it to them and say, ‘Could you rap on this because I’m gonna spend the all the money to market and promote it and make you have a career, because I know you half-retarded and you don’t understand that you should be actually working so I just want to do this for you.’”

50 also talks whether or not he would help Banks and Yayo financially, and the likelihood (or lack thereof) of ever working with The Game again. Watch 50 Cent and Cosmic Kev’s discussion of G-Unit below: