7 Reasons Why Jay Z & Beyoncé Should Tour Together This Summer


Jay Z and Beyoncé are almost always on the road. On any given day, one of them is out on tour or performing at a festival or taking part in a sponsored show. And as a result, we imagine that they spend quite a bit of time apart throughout the year. So in 2014, they’re going to do something about that. They’re still going to tour. But rather than go their separate ways as soon as summer rolls around, they’re reportedly going to go out on tour together.
Is that a good idea, though? We happen to think that it is. And to show why, we put together a list of the 7 reasons why a Jay Z and Beyoncé summer tour makes sense. This is why we want to see Bey-Z on the road when it gets warmer outside.
Photo Credit: Getty Images

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